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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the service cost?
Fenestratio charges based on annual sales1 in a calendar year. For manufacturers, it's CAD$300 per month up to $1 million annual sales, and CAD$100 per million dollars of annual sales after the first. To Illustrate:
Annual Revenue Range  Monthly Fee CAD2
0 to   999,999300
  • 1we calculate sales for a calendar year using the order date
  • 2as of January 27 2024 one Canadian dollar is .74 US dollars
What does it take to get started?
Implementation requires a considerable time commitment from the person leading the project for your company, because together we will work to teach Fenestratio how you price your products. This person or team of people needs to know everything about the company's products, including costs, markups, freight, delivery, component parts etc. The fastest we've had has been about three weeks for manufacturers of a full PVC window line, reselling entry doors and sliding doors.

** Important Fenestratio's dynamic programmability means the startup phase is mostly data entry. If you don't enter or provide the data needed, you can't get started. Note this is different from most of our competitors, who charge significantly to get started, and hourly for program customizations. We don't usually charge anything beyond the subscription in the startup phase, but your time commitment is greater.

Can we integrate?
We treat almost all integration as a value enhancement. The only time we ask a customer to pay is when the integration is tightly coupled to the customer's unique workflow or tooling or custom software. Integrations that could bring value to other Fenestratio customers are done for free when time permits. We have integrated to varying degree with QuickBooks and Sage and Adagio accounting, Soffront and Centah crm, Sturtz Welders, ProLine and Urban and Aslan saws, Cardinal Glass and ValConcept Screens.
How is the tech support?
Our support staff are our employees. When you call us you get a highly trained person who works directly with our developers. You will find our support second to none, like a great hotel concierge.
Can implementation be phased?
Yes, if we consider the loading of your product catalog the largest step to full utilization of Fenestratio, and give that a weight of 10, implementation phases would be:
Step Weight    Notes
Database Setup 1  most time is taken setting company-level options
Catalog Load 10  required for quoting; time depends on company leadership
Order Management 2  optional, deferrable
Purchasing 2  optional, deferrable, parallelizable with order management
Manufacturing 4  optional, deferrable, should follow ordering & purchasing
Branch Calendar(s) 2  optional, deferrable, parallelizable from setup
Dealer / Contractor Quoting 2 optional, deferrable, should follow catalog load
How can we accelerate implementation?
We can send a consultant to your location for a low fee plus travel and expenses. We recommend that you schedule on-site time after we've loaded any product information you might already have in electronic form. Three days of tuning, testing and training ought to get you ready to start quoting right away.
Is it only for manufacturers?
No, we have several retailers using the service, mostly because it allows them to quote all their product lines together and retain control of their data if they switch suppliers. For retailer pricing, deduct CAD$100 from the table above.
What is the initial cost?
We do not have a startup cost, but to engage our implementation team, we require you to subscribe using your MasterCard or Visa.
Are we too small/too big to use the software?
We target manufacturers and retailers with between $250k and $20M in annual revenue. There's no inherent limit to what Fenestratio can handle - we just believe from speaking to customers and prospects that those are the organizations we fit best with.
What does the price include?
All updates and improvements, telephone and email support, no matter how many devices or users you want to give access to. To rephrase, since your fee varies with your revenue, we put no limits on how many people, computers, tablets, phones, dealers, quotes, customers or any other aspect of your operations or usage of the software exist.
Do you have the cut logic for our extruder/system supplier?
We ~do~ have customers doing cut sheets from more than 50 system suppliers. Since Fenestratio is dynamically programmable we support cut logic for all system suppliers.
How many product lines can we support?
There is no limit to the number of products lines you can use. We have customers quoting and manufacturing multiple window lines, entry doors, sliding doors, storm doors, storm windows, sunrooms, screen enclosures and more. Many of our customers retain product lines for suppliers they no longer deal with, because the information still ties to their sales history and they are still providing and tracking service for their customers on those products.
Can we operate in French or Spanish?
Yes, Fenestratio's text is dynamically customizable, so we have created databases loaded with French words and phrases and product names. We do not have any Hispanic customers yet but "se puede hacer".
Can we quote in multiple languages?
Yes, Fenestratio has provisions for a second quoting language, so the company can operate in one language and selected customers can receive quotes in another language.
Can we try the software?
In view of the fact that Fenestratio is very large and many of the advanced features are offered in an unobtrusive way, we prefer to start you off with a guided tour. We wouldn't want you staring at a page not knowing where to start. Ultimately, yes we can set you up with testing access - just contact us.
What training is available?
Extensive telephone and email collaboration will almost certainly occur, but we can send someone to your location for training for a low fee plus travel and expenses.
Can we convert our data?
Any data whose upload can be automated can be uploaded at no charge.
How often is the software updated?
The software is constantly monitored and patched, and frequently enhanced.
Where is our data?
Fenestratio runs on servers we lease from Digital Ocean in secure hosting facilities and each is backed up to two offsite destinations: one separated by geography and one hosted by Vultr.
How much are upgrades?
Your monthly fee covers all upgrades and telephone and email support.
How do I submit requests for improvement?
On the top right of every page is a blue @ symbol that you can click on to send feedback from within Fenestratio.
How do I find out about enhancements?
Enhancements are documented on the what's new page at whatsnew.htm, (note what's new will open in a new tab) which shows on the bottom of each page as a quicklink with the date the document was last updated.
What happens if we stop using the software?
As long as you have no outstanding usage invoices, we'll send your customer/vendor/quote/order/purchase data to you in sqlite format, with your pictures in a zip file.