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Software for Window & Door Manufacturers and Retailers

Fenestratio is a highly flexible software service for window and door manufacturers and retailers. Address all of your business needs from sales appointments to manufacturing paperwork, purchase orders, service tracking, inventory and accounting entries.

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Simple Web Interface
Unlimited Product Lines
Accurate Attractive Quotes

Fenestratio: Revolutionizing Window & Door Business Management

Discover Fenestratio, your go-to software service designed exclusively for window and door manufacturers and retailers. This highly flexible web-based solution addresses all your business needs, ensuring seamless operations and boosting efficiency across the board.


  1. Effortless Quote Generation: Produce accurate and attractive quotes quickly, empowering your business to respond promptly to customer inquiries.
  2. Customizable Product Loading: Load your product lines without the need for custom programming, saving you time and resources.
  3. Mobile App: For on the go quoting and order management. Available on the Apple and Android App Stores
  4. Self-Serve Quoting for Dealers and Contractors: Enable dealers and contractors to access self-serve quoting, fostering smoother transactions and collaboration.
  5. Comprehensive Sales Coordination: Coordinate sales calls, service, installation, re-measures, and deliveries seamlessly across multiple branches for enhanced business synergy.
  6. Efficient Communication: Facilitate communication with customers and suppliers through easy email integration, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected.
  7. Streamlined Order Processing: Create orders from quotes and seamlessly turn purchases into orders with just one click, streamlining your entire sales process.
  8. Knowledge-Encoded Delegation: Enhance delegation safety by encoding your business knowledge into rules, ensuring consistency and reliability in operations.
  9. Cost-Saving Online Software: Save money and eliminate headaches by using online software, reducing the need for individual installations and maintenance.
  10. Inventory Management: Take control of your inventory with powerful tools, preventing stockouts and optimizing your supply chain management.

Web-Based and Installation-Free

Fenestratio is a web-based software service, eliminating the need for installations. Accessible from any device, anywhere, it provides unparalleled flexibility for your on-the-go business needs.

Concierge-Level Support

Our support team are our employees; when you call us you get a highly trained person who works directly with our developers.

Experience the Fenestratio Advantage

Transform your window and door business with Fenestratio and experience the benefits of efficient operations, cost savings, and improved communication. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a streamlined future.

Contact us today to explore how Fenestratio can elevate your business to new heights.